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The Mellifluous Idiot Grinned. Where No Man Abides.

Coleen W. Cain (Author of Jet Stories for Your Briefcase)

Troy Could Not Help. The Crowd Pressed On. He Fell Off His Pedestal. Strange City Strange People. The Fringe Remained On Top. His Was A Fearful Vengeance.


Without Credit He Was Lost. The Subject Fell Flat.

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Cars Floated In the Deluge. Deep Sunken And Low. Once In a Hundred Years. His Flanks Were Crippled. Dancing In a Dizzy Delirium.

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The Sailors Motor Failed. Greek Tombstones Intrigued Him. The Flood Stopped His Mouth. The Halo Never Fit. He Thought He Was Atlas. The Babys Blue Eyes. His Wife Was A Gambler.

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Carry-on bag size varies by airline -- and can catch you by surprise

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