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But just as it takes time and effort to develop the ability to speak or read, it also takes time and effort to develop our innate sense of the spiritual. A strong new body of science, developed during the last decade to what we now consider to be a level of certainty, demonstrates, first, that any sort of spirituality becomes a source of health and thriving for kids and, second, that the lack of spirituality in families and youth culture can be a big source of suffering.

We have found that the natural spirituality of children and young people can be encouraged and fostered by such steps as meditation, prayer, or long walks in nature where a sense of transcendence can be engaged. Parents can demonstrate approval for and model such traits as caring for others, empathy or optimism.

Why Kids Who Believe in Something Are Happier and Healthier

In contrast to the performance self, the spiritual self is sturdy and resilient, happy at a win, but not dependent on it to feel worthy as human being. In our excessively competitive culture, with often thin support for spiritual development, parents must actively work to help their children to a spiritual life.

Spirituality is more essential to thriving and success than ability to perform. And when they achieve their goals — that better job, or that higher income — the studies show that well-grounded, spiritually engaged young people can actually feel fulfilled by their life choices. For the most intelligent parenting research on the web, subscribe to our free weekly newsletter, TIME for Parents. Listen to the most important stories of the day. Contact us at editors time.

What Does It Mean To Raise A Spiritual Child? | Here & Now

Explain that God wants to help us make good choices and be kind to one another. The belief that God is intimately involved in our lives, and that God cares deeply about our trials and sorrows, represents an enormous source of comfort, hope, and healing during times of stress and adversity.

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Faith traditions and a community of believers provide parents and children with an extended family of diverse people who share common beliefs, worship together, and support one another. In a loving faith community, children can find positive role models, gain a sense of belonging, and experience comforting traditions.

This foundation will later form the basis for faith and trust in God. Young children form their idea about the goodness and comfort of God from the model of their own parents, who are God-like to them.

Faith Development in Children: Why Nurture Your Child’s Spirituality

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